Metalbird kereru silhouette


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Metalbird kereru silhouette

A kereru is a native NZ wood pigeon. Another beautiful metalbird art item for your garden. These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden.


  • Approx. size metal bird kereru silhouette: 300mmx340mm (11.81″x13.39″)
    Lovely corten steel artwork

About Kereru – Woodpigeons

These birds are quite large.  The kereru is our native New Zealand pigeon. Other names for the keruru is kuku or kukupa (Northland). they are quite large and can measure up to 51cm from tail to beack. They weight about 650 gramms. Another native pigeon is the parea (Chatham Islands piegoen).

What do Kereru eat

Fruits of the following trees:

  • karaka
  • miro
  • tawa
  • taraire

Since the extinction of the moa, the kererū and parea are now the only bird species that are big enough to swallow large fruit, such as those of karaka, miro, tawa and taraire, and disperse the seed over long distances.

Other food:

  • buds
  • leaves
  • flowers
  • other fruit

While most foods are taken while clambering about on vines, shrubs and trees, at a few locations kereru spend time on the ground feeding on clover and possibly other herbs.

While ripe fruit seems to be the preferred food, in most regions fruit is not available year round, and so kereru then feed on leaves. Important leaf sources include those of kowhai, tree lucerne, broom, willows, elms and poplars.

The disappearance of these birds could be a disaster for the regeneration of our native forests.

Source: NZ Birds Online >>

Source: Department of Conservation >>

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