Metalbird Kotare Kingfisher


Beautiful metalbird silhouette of the kotare (kingfisher). These metalbird silhouettes look fantastic. No wonder they end up all over the world.

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Metalbird Kotare Kingfisher

Kotare (kingfishers) are beautiful birds with stunning blue and yellow colours. They make a lovely silhouette against the sky. No wonder that the metalbird kotare kingfisher is part of the Metal Bird family.

We love these metalbirds!!!


  • Approx. size metal bird kotare kingfisher: 310mmx210mm.

About Kotare

The kingfisher is a distinctive bird with a green-blue back, buff to yellow undersides and a large black bill. It has a broad black eye-stripe, and a white collar in adults. The females are slightly greener and duller.

Kingfishers have a wide range of unmusical calls, the most distinctive of which is the staccato ‘kek-kek-kek’ territorial call. Their status is ‘Native, Not Threatened’.


Kingfishers are found throughout the country in both coastal and inland freshwater habitats. They live in a wide range of habitats, including forest, river margins, farmland, lakes, estuaries and rocky coastlines.


Their diet in estuarine mudflats is mainly small crabs, with a range of tadpoles, freshwater crayfish and small fish in freshwater habitats. In open country they eat insects, spiders, lizards, mice and small birds.

Source: Department of Conservation


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