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Aotearoa.co.nz is an online business and you can safely order online 24/7.

And you are here to contact us. Excellent! We usually do our email and process all orders in the morning, so we can book the courier before the cut-off time. Our working hours are flexible, however we always respond to all email as soon as we can, also after hours and in the weekends.

If you are overseas, the best way to contact us would be by email or using the form below. Sometimes we do take off for a self-inflicted long weekend. Laptop always tags along too, so we can attend to email from anywhere.

Feel free to call us. Best time is in the morning – NZ time.

Ph: 09 445 2943. Mob 021 800 445

Thank you! Have a great day!

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Our mobile office replied to email while in the following countries over the years: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates, UK, the Netherlands. And from around New Zealand!