Metal art

Metal art.


We LOVE the Metalbird silhouettes. And we love having a great variety of the Metalbird gifts on our site:

  • tui
  • double tui
  • fantail, piwakawaka
  • kereru, pigeon
  • kotare, kingfisher
  • ruru, owl
  • swallows
  • sparrows
  • huia
  • black robin

These Metalbird gifts are loved by everyone!

Rustic Twist
Corrugated iron animals, corrugated iron art

We love these corrugated iron artworks. The corrugated iron animals are all life size and created from recycled corrugated iron or copper. They look great both indoors and outdoors. The lamb even fits in your suitcase!

These corrugated iron artworks are very Kiwi!

We feature the following corrugated iron animals:

  • lambs
  • sheep
  • dogs
  • goats
  • angora goats
  • boars
  • piglets
  • and more corrugated iron animals upon request
    (Llamas, peacocks, chickens, wallabies…).

And we feature:

  • sawblade kiwis, small, medium and large
  • copper kiwis, small, medium and large

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