Metalbird swallows silhouette


Metal bird swallows silhouette. Two lovely swallows for your garden. This is a limited edition. We only have 2 of these artworks available. That’s it. Be quick!

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Metalbird swallows silhouette

Swallows… our Metalbird swallows silhouette. These lovely tiny birds have the most amazing flying skills. Always a joy to watch. Another beautiful metalbird art item for your garden. Two swallows for your garden. These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden.


  • Approx. size metalbird swallows silhouette: 230mmx180mm (9.06″x7.09″)

Another lovely corten steel artwork.

About swallows

What to tell about swallows. Everybody knows swallows. They have amazing flying skills. And also nest building skills. These are the ‘welcome swallow’,

Welcome swallows are small fast-flying birds found in open country particularly around lakes, coasts, riverbeds and ponds.

Their flight is circular and darting in style, and they may be seen singly, in pairs or in flocks. Flocks often perch en masse, lined up on fences or power lines.

They were named ‘welcome swallows’ because they appeared in southern Australia as a herald of spring. Due to their elegant shape and flight, and their preference for nesting around buildings, swallows are noticed and appreciated more than most other small birds.

What do swallows eat

Swallows forage aerially for small invertebrates. They occasionally perch on plants to take insects or sweep them up from the water. Swallows often drink while flying, scooping water from the surface of a lake or pond.

Source: NZ Birds Online >>

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