Koreru wall shelf. Pigeon wall shelf


Very cool and creative gifts. Koreru wall shelves. The koreru is our native NZ pigeon. A very different gift! Comes flat in a box, easy to assemble.

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Koreru wall shelf, pigeon wall shelf. Beautiful wall art. Put a bird on it – wall shelf – koreru design

This is definitely a shelf that is different!

Ian Blackwell’s creativity always amazes us… How does he come up with a koreru (or tui) wall shelf! Just gorgeous. Beautiful wall art and very clever designed shelf made from rimu and vinyl board.

Very easy to put together and put your favourite things or nick nacks on the wing or just enjoy these koreru as wall art. We just added these to our site (27 Feb 2020).

Great gift idea that will be appreciated. Something different is always a hit.

Very well presented and flat packed in cardboard box, so very easy to ship or take with you in your suitcase. The back of these rimu shelves has brackets so you can securely screw the pigeon to a wall. Comes with instructions.

Don’t forget to slide in the little shelf bracket (fits underneath the wing for support).

Size approx:

  • 264 x 117mm (10.39″ x 4.61″).Or check out our tui wall shelf >>More info about our native koreru wood pigeon >> 


    This large and distinctively-coloured pigeon is a familiar sight to many New Zealanders. This is because the New Zealand pigeon (or kereru) has a widespread distribution through the country, being present in extensive tracts of native forest, and rural and urban habitats, including most cities.

    As well as allowing close approach, it often roosts conspicuously, such as on powerlines or on the tops of trees. The distinctive sound of its wing beats in flight also draws attention.

    Kereru also frequently feature on works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. However, even though it is widespread, like many forest birds its abundance is severely compromised by introduced mammals, particularly possums, stoats and ship rats. Only where these pests are not present (predator-free islands) or are controlled to low levels do kereru populations thrive.
    Source: NZ Birds Online >>


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tui, tui with koru


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