Metalbird silhouette of Huia


Such a stunning silhouette of a bird. This is the huia bird, a native NZ bird. Unfortunately the huia bird is extinct in New Zealand. How wonderful we have the Metalbird silhouette version conquering New Zealand and the world again.

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Metalbird silhouette of Huia

We just LOVE this metalbird silhouette of huia! Amazing beak! Huia birds were a native bird of our Aotearoa – New Zealand. But unfortunately they are extinct. However, our wonderful Metalbird team brought them back as a stunning piece of metal art.

One of the the first huia bird we had on our site, ended up in the Netherlands. It is still a very loved artwork.


  • Approx. size metalbird silhouette huia: 280mmx340mm.
    size box: 310mm x 210mm

Māori and Huia

For Māori the huia was revered as a symbol of nobility. And also leadership and hierarchy. The huia’s tail feathers are white-tipped. And these feathers were worn as head adornments to signify chiefs and also people of great mana. Mana means authority and power.

About huia birds

The huia was the largest of the New Zealand wattle bird species. And this NZ wattle bird is a song bird distinguished by orange wattles hanging from the base of the bill. Beautiful large song bird. The birds were mainly black with long white-tipped tail feathers.

Female and male huia had dramatically different bill sizes and shapes.
This metalbird huia silhouette would be a female bird.


The Huia mainly inhabited the mountainous regions throughout the North Island from Northland to Wellington.

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