Metalbird silhouette of Huia


Such a stunning silhouette of a bird. This is the huia bird, a native NZ bird. Unfortunately the huia bird is extinct in New Zealand. How wonderful we have the Metalbird silhouette version conquering New Zealand and the world again.

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Metalbird silhouette of Huia

We just LOVE this metalbird silhouette of huia! Amazing beak! Huia birds were a native bird of our Aotearoa – New Zealand. But unfortunately they are extinct. However, our wonderful Metalbird team brought them back as a stunning piece of metal art.

One of the the first huia bird we had on our site, ended up in the Netherlands. It is still a very loved artwork.


  • Approx. size metalbird silhouette huia: 280mmx340mm.
    size box: 310mm x 210mm

Māori and Huia

For Māori the huia was revered as a symbol of nobility. And also leadership and hierarchy. The huia’s tail feathers are white-tipped. And these feathers were worn as head adornments to signify chiefs and also people of great mana. Mana means authority and power.

  • About huia birds

The huia was the largest of the New Zealand wattle bird species. And this NZ wattle bird is a song bird distinguished by orange wattles hanging from the base of the bill. Beautiful large song bird. The birds were mainly black with long white-tipped tail feathers.

Female and male huia had dramatically different bill sizes and shapes.
This metalbird huia silhouette would be a female bird.

  • Habitat

The Huia mainly inhabited the mountainous regions throughout the North Island from Northland to Wellington.

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