Metalbird sparrow and chicks silhouette


Sparrow and chicks metalbird silhouette. This is a limited edition for Mother’s Day. Be quick!
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Metalbird sparrow and chicks silhouette

Sparrows… lovely little sparrows. They are everywhere! Another beautiful metalbird artwork for your garden. A special artwork created for Mother’s Day.These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden.


  • Approx. size metal sparrow and chicks silhouette: 140mmx350mm (5.51″x13.78″)
    Lovely corten steel artwork

About the sparrow and chicks

Like everyone else, Mothers are an endlessly varied bunch! But if there’s one thing our mums do have in common, it’s that they’re always, always there. Dependable and wonderfully familiar, it’s that consistency that reminds us of sparrows, those lovable birds that populate our gardens so cheerfully, always there. The sparrow is also a famously excellent mother, attentive and nurturing, adapting at a moment’s notice in order for her chicks to thrive. She watches her young with a careful, encouraging eye as they make shaky attempts at flight, guiding them with her voice.

Our gardens and skies would be sorely lacking without sparrows, and our lives would be utterly unrecognisable without our mums. With Mothers Day around the corner, this Metalbird is a way to celebrate anyone who filled that role, shaping and encouraging you until you were ready to fly!

Limited edition

These lovely artworks are a limited edition.

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