Small wooden mere club


Beautiful small wooden mere club with koru design. Looking for a cool Maori gift? This wooden club is made from tulip wood.
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Small Wooden Mere Club

Small wooden mere club with koru design. This beautiful wooden mere artwork also makes a lovely gift.
A special Maori gift for anyone with love for our Maori culture. You can buy one right here, right now.

The mere is a hand club, carved out of bone, wood or pounamu (greenstone). This wooden mere is carved from tulip wood.

Info about mere clubs

A warrior would carry his mere in his flax belt. The Mere was a treasured Heirloom, passed from Generation to Generation and usually only Chiefs of high standing possessed them.

Mere were lethal in the hands of a competent warrior. A Chief would rather be killed by his own Mere, than lose his life to another’s in times of capture.

Nowadays the mere symbolises the facing and overcoming of life’s challenges and difficulties.

More about tulip wood

In New Zealand, Liriodendron tulipifera or tulip tree is commonly referred to as “NZ Tulip wood”. The tree is tall, handsome, fast-growing shade, ornamental or timber tree that forms a tall pyramidal crown. The large saddle-shaped leaves are bright green and turn yellow in autumn. Small, yellow-green, tulip-like flowers are produced in spring at the branch tips.

Details small wooden mere club

Size: 25cmx8.5cmx2.5cm (9.84″x3.35″x0.98″)

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More information about Maori mere

A mere is a basic thrust weapon that was used to target the vital points of the body, especially the head and ribs. Skilled Māori warriors would give horizontal thrusts to the temple, or target the ribs with an upward thrust. The mere pounamu was the most revered of all the Māori weapons, and some were even buried with the owner. Most, however, were passed along from one generation to another, along with the prestige of owning a weapon that a great warrior once held.

Source: NZ Army Museum >>>

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