Large fishhook wallhanger or fishhook on a stand


Beautiful fishhook wall art. Or fishhook on a stand.
Contemporary Maori art.

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Large fishhook wallhanger or fishhook on a stand. This is a beautiful contemporary artwork: the fishhook. Two options: fishhook wall hanger or fishhook on a stand

  • size fishhook wall hanger:
    275mmx135mm (10.83″x5.31″)
  • size fishhook on a stand:
    300mmx135mm (11.81″x5.31″)

The meaning of Hei Matau:

  • Hei matau – fishhookIn ancient Maori folklore the exploits of Maui (half God / half man) stand unrivaled.On one such adventure Maui stowed away in the waka (Maori canoe) when his four older brothers departed on a fishing expedition. When they were far from land, Maui revealed himself and convinced his brothers to paddle further out to the deepest sea where the fish would be in abundance.With his enchanted fish hook which he had fashioned from the jawbone of his great grandmother, with its paua (abalone) shell eyes to see in the depths of the sea and a tuft of dog hair to keep the hook warm in the freezing depths and to retain the scent of the bait (blood from his nose) Maui cast his fishing line.

    As soon as his hook descended to the ocean floor it was devoured by a giant fish. The ocean foamed and boiled as Maui struggled with all his strength to land the fish. Finally the fish yielded and floated to the surface.

    Te Ika-a-Maui (the fish of Maui), more commonly known as the North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand) had arisen in the South Pacific Ocean. Te Waka a Maui (the canoe of Maui) is known as the South Island and Stewart Island is Te Punga a Maui (Maui’s anchor).

    This large fishhook wallhanger or a fishhook on a stand will make a special gift.

    Source: Mike Calton – Maori artist

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Weight 500 g
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wallhanger, stand


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