Maori Gifts and Maori art

Maori gifts and Maori art

Maori gifts and Maori art on our Aotearoa site; created by our Maori artists and Maori wood carvers.

Our beautiful authentic Maori art, contemporary Maori art and Maori gifts made by some of New Zealand’s top artists. And yes, Aotearoa.co.nz is very proud to feature these beautiful Maori artworks.

The koru (Maori word for fern frond) can be found in many New Zealand made gifts and artworks. Koru is a spiral shape based on the unfurling of a silver fern frond and symbolises new life, new beginnings, growth and movement.

Many artists implement the koru design in their New Zealand works.

Maori wood carvings by Tiki Design

If you are looking for a unique Maori artwork, Maori carvings, have a look at the beautiful Maori arts and Maori gifts by Tiki Design. ‘Whakairo’ is the Maori name for wood carving.

We’ve been working with our Maori artists from Tiki Design for quite a few years and are always impressed with the beauty of their authentic Maori art.

We feature the following Maori carvings and artworks:

  • Maori masks
  • taiaha (spears)
  • toki (adze)
  • waka (canoe)
  • waka hoe (paddles)

Aeon Giftware

Contemporary Maori gifts and Maori art. Beautiful and distinctive New Zealand wooden souvenirs and gifts: Maori waka (canoe), Maori heru (hair combs) and framed Maori tiki, Maori fishhooks, manaia and weru. Also the Maori wall hangers and wall art is quite popular…

From Aeon: “Our range of contemporary ethnic New Zealand wooden souvenirs and wooden gifts are inspired by our Maori heritage. We are a passionate bunch of kiwis who are proud of who we are and what we do!

That passion to create “works of art” that portray the beauty of Maori carving and design has fueled what started as a solitary coaster set over 15 years ago into the extensive range of gifts & woodware that Aeon is now able to offer you”.


Beautiful Maori art and artefacts.

Toki pou tangata,  wooden mere, wooden wahaika, full-size taiaha, taiaha on a stand, wooden mere on a stand.


And we offer beautiful Maori feather korowai and faux-fur korowai.

Though “korowai” is the term that is generally accepted today to describe a “Maori cloak” it was in fact a particular kind of Maori cloak, emphasis placed more on the creation of an elaborate “taniko” border.

“Kahu huruhuru” is the term used for a feather cloak

“Kahu kura” a red feather cloak.

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