Maori cloak for babies


Maori baby cloaks. Contemporary feather cloaks for babies. The proper name for feather cloaks is kahu huruhuru (and not ‘korowai’). Korowai are the traditional Maori cloaks.

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Maori cloak for babies. Beautiful Maori contemporary feather cloaks for babies, created by our Maori artist Marie. These little baby cloaks are just beautiful. A variety of colours is available, or you can request your colour(s).

Kahu Huruhuru

These little cloaks are called Kahu Huruhuru in te reo Maori and are contemporary feather cloaks. These cloaks are not korowai.


A Korowai (Maori cloak) is worn as a mantel and speaks of a persons prestige, honour, dignity and respect. A symbol of great value to the Maori people and worn with much pride. The Korowai becomes empowered by the status and mana of it’s owner. The mana increases when it is worn.

In the early days, a korowai would be hand woven and take nearly a year to complete.

Baby baby

So cute, these little baby cloaks. These cloaks  are made with the use of a sewing machine. All the baby cloaks are lined.

We can oganise these lovely cloaks in various colours: made to order, 3-5 working days (depending on how busy our artist is).

You can select the colours in the photos, or if you wish different colours, please add this in the comment box when you order, thank you.

Size baby cloak:

  • approx.
    32cm x 35cm (12.60″x13.78″)

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