Maori feather cloaks


Maori cloaks, Maori ‘kahu huruhuru’ (feather cloaks). Beautiful contemporary Maori cloaks for adults created with hen and rooster feathers. This is not a traditional Maori cloak (Korowai).

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Maori feather cloaks

Maori feather cloaks, kahu huruhuru. Beautiful contemporary Maori feather cloaks for adults, created by our Maori artist Marie. Please note that this not a korowai (traditional Maori cloak), even though most people would search for ‘korowai’ when looking for a feather cloak.

It’s great to see that many people are wearing these beautiful feather cloaks at special occasions. These cloaks make a statement for sure. Popular for special functions, graduations, weddings, birthdays and representing our country Aotearoa – New Zealand in sports events. Always special seeing our sports people wearing these beautiful cloaks.

Contemporary Maori cloak – Kahu huruhuru

‘Kahu huruhuru’ is the correct term used for a feather cloak, even though most people would Google ‘korowai’ when they are looking for a Maori cloak.

These contemporary Maori feather cloaks are just beautiful. We have the ‘paua’ cloak in stock (beautiful green and blue feathers). If you wish another design or other colours, just let us know and add a message in the comment box or email us, thank you.


A Korowai (Maori cloak) is a traditional Maori cloak. A symbol of great value to the Maori people and worn with much pride. The Korowai becomes empowered by the status and mana of its owner. The mana increases when it is worn.

The Korowai (Maori cloak) is worn as a mantel and speaks of a persons prestige, honour, dignity and respect. The traditional korowai are made with flax fibre (muka) and the feathers are woven by hand into the muka.  Therefore, making one of these korowai takes a long time (it can take up to 12 months) and they come with a high price (over $10,000). Amazing artworks though and well worth the price looking at the time involved.

Our Maori artist

Our ‘kahu huruhuru’ artist is a Maori kaumatua (elder) from Ngati Porou descent and is based in Auckland.

Taniko weaving

The “taniko” weaving technique is unique to the NZ Maori. It was developed following the settlement of the Maori to Aotearoa. Taniko is a weaving technique that incorporates more than one colour in a piece of work. The weaving is done without the use of a frame (which is commonly used throughout the world).

More Info

Even though ‘korowai’ is the term that is generally accepted today to describe a ‘Maori cloak’ it was in fact a particular kind of Maori cloak, emphasis placed more on the creation of an elaborate “taniko” border.

Therefore a ‘Kahu huruhuru’ is the correct term used for a feather cloak. And a ‘Kahu kura’ is the term for a red feather cloak.

The feathers are hen and rooster feathers. Our artist also uses pheasant feathers. Many colours and designs are available, just let us know which colours you prefer. All the cloaks are lined.

In the early days, a korowai would be hand woven and take nearly a year to complete. These contemporary cloaks we feature are made with the use of a sewing machine. All the baby cloaks are lined. The correct name for a feather cloak is ‘kahu huruhuru’.

We found an interesting article by Zoe Waker-Ahwa about a brief history of korowai in the New Zealand Fashion Quarterly.

And yes, our artist can take commissions for medium Maori cloak and large Maori cloak.

If you wish a commissioned ‘kahu huruhuru’, please let us know:

  • if the cloak is for an adult (male/female) or a child
  • the height of the adult/child (from the neck to the ground)
  • also the measurement around the shoulders (this is needed so the cloak will fit properly)
  • and last but not least, your preferred colours of feathers


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