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Totally love the colours of a paua shell. Cool paua dish with silver domed ‘feet’ for stability. Beautiful colouring of paua shells. Cool and colourful gift of a NZ paua dish.

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Paua dish, boxed.

We love the colours of paua shell. Polished paua shell with three silver domed feet for stability. NZ natures ocean-created dish with spectacular Paua colourings. Another very unique NZ gift!! Little bowl…

Great packaging with the Paua story and interesting facts:

Paua Shell from NZ is the most colourful Paua in the world. Every one of them is unique. The ocean waves create their individual markings. Our paua shell is New Zealand’s ‘blue mother of pearl’. Paua (Haliotiis Iris) often called abalone, is unique to New Zealand. The paua clings to rocks at depths of 1-10 metres and feed on seaweed.

The shell comprises layers of calcium carbonate. Paua can grow to  maximum of 20cm and reach the harvestable size in 7-8 yers. Commercial and recreational divers use snorkel only for the harvesting of paua.

Paua meat is exported and highly valued in Asian restaurants. Our NZ Goverment set quotas limiting the quantity harvested to a sustainable level in 7 different coastal areas.

Paua symbolises purity and wealth.

  • approx. size paua dish:
    12.5cmx9.5cm (4.92″x3.74″)

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Paua – Abalone

New Zealand’s paua (known as abalone in other countries) are all unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand. They are distinguished by their brilliantly coloured shells. Paua have an oval shaped shell, inside which is a large muscular foot which clings to rocks. They have a pair of eyes, a mouth and tentacles, and breathe through gills which are near their mouth under a row of pores in the shell.

More about paua sustainability: Paua Industry Council >>

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