Corrugated iron lamb


Corrugated iron lamb. Cool garden art. These corrugated iron artworks are really popular. The lamb is probably one of the most favourite ones. Yes, why not buy a lamb! Or buy a sheep!


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Corrugated iron lamb. Never thought we would sell lambs through our site! This artwork makes a great talking point. One customer even took a little lamb home in her suitcase, all the way to the Netherlands. Another lamb was donated to the Martini hospital in Groningen (the Netherlands). The lamb features in the ‘inner garden’. Feel free to send us a photo, so we will know the lamb is still there 🙂

These corrugated artworks are made from re-cycled corrugated iron (galvanised iron). Our artist uses what he has available, therefore the artworks can have some red, white, green or blue corrugated iron. Great gift for garden lovers.

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Weight 10000 g
Dimensions 59 × 23 × 56 cm


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