NZ glass koru

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The original New Zealand glass koru.
Made in New Zealand!

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NZ glass koru. These beautiful koru are created by New Zealand glass artists Ian and Tokiko from Venus Hot Glass. These are the original glass koru! Made in New Zealand!

The hand-crafted hot glass art gifts are made by Venus Hot Glass. Venus Hot Glass is a small Christchurch-based glass-studio operated by Ian Walters and Tokiko Tatemoto.

The glass is made from silica sand which comes from Mt Somers in scenic mid-Canterbury. Then the sand is mixed with other minerals and melted in a furnace at 1300 degrees Celsius to form molten glass.

The glass is kept hot enabling Ian and Tokiko to add colour and manipulate it into funky koru glass art.

These beautiful blue with green glass NZ glass koru are available in the following sizes:

Jumbo glass koru 190-200mm (7.48″ – 7.87″) – prices vary
Giant glass koru 130-160mm (5.12″ – 6.3″) – prices vary
XXL glass koru 110mm – 120mm (4.3″ – 4.72)
XL glass koru 90 – 100mm (3.54″ – 3.94″)
L glass koru 80 – 85mm (3.15″ by 3.35″)
small glass koru 40 – 65 mm (1.57″ – 1.97″)



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