Maori Feather cloak

Maori feather cloak: Kahu huruhuru

One of our Maori artists creates these beautiful contemporary  Maori feather cloaks. These stunning cloaks are used for special occasions (weddings, 21st birthday gifts, graduations, promotions, Maori tangi – funerals).

“Kahu huruhuru” is the correct term used for a feather cloak, even though most people would Google ‘korowai’ when they are looking for a Maori cloak.

baby korowai

Our kahu huruhuru artist is a Maori kaumatua (elder) from Ngati Porou descent and is based in Auckland.

The “taniko” weaving technique is unique to the NZ Maori. It was developed following the settlement of the Maori to Aotearoa.

Taniko is a weaving technique that incorporates more than one colour in a piece of work. The weaving is done without the use of a frame (which is commonly used throughout the world).

Maori korowai

Maori korowai. A korowai is a Maori cloak. The traditional korowai are made with flax fibre (muka) and the feathers are woven by hand into the muka.

Making one of these korowai takes a long time (it can take up to 12 months) and they come with a high price (over $10,000). Amazing artworks though and well worth the price looking at the time involved.

We don’t feature the traditional korowai on our site.

More info

Though “korowai” is the term that is generally accepted today to describe a “Maori cloak” it was in fact a particular kind of Maori cloak, emphasis placed more on the creation of an elaborate “taniko” border.

“Kahu huruhuru” is the term used for a feather cloak.
“Kahu kura” a red feather cloak.

The feathers are hen and rooster feathers. Our artist also uses pheasant feathers. Many colours and designs are available, just let us know which colours you prefer. All the cloaks are lined.

Our artist can take commissions and would need 2-6 weeks lead time, thank you. However, our artist will usually have a feather cloak available if you need one within a week.

Thank you for your interest!

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