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Maori carvings

Authentic Maori greenstone & bone carvings. Souvenirs from New Zealand's top Maori craftsmen.

Maori carvings and Maori design carvings from Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Whether you are looking for Maori greenstone (pounamu) carvings, bone carvings,  shell carvings or  authentic  Maori wood carvings, you can find these NZ made jewellery items and artworks on our online shopping site.

Aotearoa.co.nz features a great selection of New Zealand made jewellery: carvings, pendants and necklaces in bone, pounamu (greenstone, NZ jade), wood and shell.  We also feature beautiful greenstone  and wooden artworks, from a real-size mere on a wooden stand to intricate New Zealand and Maori flavoured paintings on actual greenstone. 

You can find that special piece of New Zealand jewellery or New Zealand artwork right here…

We have given all our artists their own 'carving' category on our new site.
New Zealand greenstone carvings, greenstone artworks, bone carvings and wood carvings
made in Aotearoa - New Zealand

carvings01 grant NZ greenstone carvings I
Popular Maori design greenstone carvings, pounamu carvings by Grant Nicholls.
carvings02 stonestudio NZ greenstone carvings II
One-off greenstone carvings, pounamu carvings by Ewan and Wayne and from The Stonestudio.
carvings03 discoveries NZ greenstone carvings III
Greenstone carvings by Gordon from Discoveries.
carvings04 ngai tahu NZ greenstone carvings IV
Greenstone carvings, pounamu by Ngai Tahu. Ngai Tahu offers a unique tracking system for the greenstone carving you purchase; you will exactly find out where your carving came from, and from which greenstone it was carved.
Regent carvers NZ greenstone carvings V
Greenstone carvings, pounamu carvings by Regent carvers. Lashed adze carvings with a difference. Lashed drop carvings. Fishhook carvings.
funaki greenstone drop carvings NZ greenstone carvings VI
Greenstone carvings, pounamu carvings by Silivenusi. Fishhook carvings, twist carvings, drop carvings adze carvings.
carvings05 regan NZ greenstone artworks 
The most intricate contemporary New Zealand and Maori cultural paintings on pounamu by Regan Nicholls.
carvings08 tiki NZ wood carvings
Tiki Design offers Maori art. Maori design wood carvings, sculptures and artworks from swamp kauri and re-cycled New Zealand woods. Authentic Maori art from Aotearoa - New Zealand.
carvings06 paulz NZ bone carvings I
One-off bone carvings by Paulz. Manaia bone carvings, tiki bone carvings, spiral bone carvings.
Maori design bonne carvings NZ bone carvings II
Maori design bone carvings by Joe Katoa. Fishhook bone carvings, koru bone carvings, manaia bone carvings, patu bone carvings and more.
Greenstone koru on a stand
NZ $260.00
excl GST
Greenstone fishhook carving
NZ $110.00
excl GST
Greenstone fishhook carving
NZ $90.00
excl GST
Greenstone fishhook carving
NZ $116.00
excl GST
Greenstone fishhook carving
NZ $90.00
excl GST
Greenstone fishhook carving
NZ $110.00
excl GST
Greenstone dolphin carving
NZ $110.00
excl GST
Greenstone whale tail carving
NZ $110.00
excl GST
Greenstone mere carving
NZ $50.00
excl GST
Greenstone mere club carving
NZ $533.00
excl GST
Greenstone drop carving
NZ $36.00
excl GST


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