Pounamu tiki carving with paua eyes

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Greenstone (pounamu) tiki carving, unique carving by our Maori carver Aden

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Greenstone (pounamu) tiki carving. Flowerjade. Beautiful pounamu tiki carving with paua eyes.

Another unique tiki. This tiki has a lovely feel to it too; the back is rounded (about 15mm in thickness).
With paua eyes.

The tiki is one of New Zealand’s most recognised carved design. Carved as a human form. The tiki is a symbol of good luck, strength and fertility.

Tiki, the name given to the first man on earth.

This particular image is our “thinking tiki” with the head tilted to the side. Where the hand is, is where the strength is. The mouth – having the ability to communicate, the heart – pure and loving, the loins – fertility, strength, ability to communicate.

  •  Size: 60mm x 40mm x 11mm (2.36″x 1.57″x 0.43″)

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