Manaia koru bone carving


Manaia koru bone carving

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Manaia koru bone carving. Koru – new life, new beginnings, growth, movement

This design is a stylished manaia koru bone carving.

The koru shape is a scroll shape and is linked to the New Zealand fern plant. The shoot of the fern has a curled-over tip which unfurls and becomes a fernleaf.

The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings…

The koru, represents the unfolding of new life, that everything is reborn and continues. It represents renewal and hope for the future.

Spiral, geometry of life, sacred creation…

The manaia is a spiritual guardian and protects against evil.

  • size: approx. 45mm x 28mm (1.77″x 1.10″)

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