Large fishhook bone carvings. Manaia.


Large fishhook bone carvings. Manaia bone carvings. A manaia is a spiritual guardian.

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Large fishhook bone carvings.

Maui fished up the North Island of New Zealand… A good luck charm giving peace, prosperity, good luck and good health… For the Maori, the fish hook was very important. “Kai moana”, food from the sea… the main source of protein but also important for trade…

Designs were developed to suit every fishing expedition, whether it was to catch the in-shore kahawai or the deep-water hapuku. The shark hooks, for example, had a wooden shaft and a bone barb.

The fishhook represents peace, prosperity, good luck and good health; also safe travel, especially over water.

The manaia is a spiritual guardian and protects against evil.

Large fishhook bone carvings size:

  • medium: 60m x 28mm (2.36″x 1.10″) – SOLD OUT
  • large: 70mm x 35mm (2.76″x 1.46″)

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