Greenstone mere club carving – large


Large mere club pounamu carving (Patu, Waihaka) on a wooden stand, real size mere.

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The greenstone mere club carving is a hand club, carved out of bone, wood or pounamu (greenstone).

Another beautiful large mere club with lovely shades of green and black specs on a wooden stand.

The mere is carried in the warrior’s flax belt. The Mere was a treasured Heirloom, passed from Generation to Generation and usually only Chiefs of high standing possessed them. The greenstone mere club carvings were lethal in the hands of a competent warrior, and a Chief would rather be killed by his own greenstone Mere club carving, than lose his life to anothers in times of capture.

Nowadays the greenstone mere symbolises the facing and overcoming of life’s challenges and difficulties.


  • Large: Height: 290mm (11.42 inches)

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