Large greenstone adze manaia


Greenstone adze with Maori manaia design with traditional binding, lashing

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Large greenstone adze manaia. Another beautifully carved greenstone adze. Toki is the Maori name for adze. The manaia is a popular design and looks great with this toki. The adze has the traditional binding, lashing.


  • 85mmx66mm (3.35″x2.36″)

Hei toki
The ‘hei toki’ represents strength, authority and mana. In the early days the toki (adze) was used as a tool. Nowadays it is a ceremonial treasure – taonga representing courage and strength in hard times. The toki represents great power and the toki were often gifted to warriors and chiefs. 
The ‘manaia’ is a spiritual guardian and protects against evil.

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