Arohanui wood carvings

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Arohanui wood carvings. Only two large ones left in stock.

Arohanui means ‘all my love’ in te reo Maori (Maori language)

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Arohanui wood carvings.

The hook resembles three things:

The arms reaching up around the neck of a loved one in affection.

“Ko Te Hei Matau A Maui” (The Fishhook of Maui), is a good luck charm giving peace, prosperity, good luck and good health.

The matured stage of the Koru (curl at the tip of the hook) reaching towards the light; the barb at the base is Motuhake (determination) suggesting one to be decisive and determined to succeed.

The ripo ripo (recognized by the dots) reminds us that there will be trials to work through and also represents our Posterity (descendants) passing down knowledge and experiences.

Size arohanui wood carvings:

  • small: 50mmx25mm (1.97″x0.98″) – sold out
  • large: 60mmx30mm (2.36″x1.18″) – only 2 available


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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 62 × 32 × 0.8 cm


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