Pounamu drop pendant set


!!!! Please note this set is ‘on hold’ for Lepaige & Col.

Pounamu drop pendant set. Genuine NZ greenstone. Positive energy, healing, meditation. Drops also encourages knowledge, independence and confidence. Another special touch stone and earrings from Aotearoa!

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Pounamu drop pendant set. Drop pendant, or roimata, in te reo Maori. We love NZ’s pounamu (greenstone) pendants.

!!!! Please note this set is ‘on hold’ for Lepaige & Col (they have these items). Time for you to pay for this!!!

This is another lovely drop pendant with a beautiful colouring. Drop pendants stand for positive energy and healing. And this pendant comes with beautiful matching earrings.

Drop pendants are also regarded as touchstones in healing and meditation.

  •  Size drop pendant: ~100mm x 26mm (3.94”x1.02″)
  • Size earrings: ~ 70mm x 10mm (2.76″x0.39″)

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