Contemporary greenstone manaia pendant


Large greenstone (pounamu) manaia carving. Unique carving by our Maori carver Aden. This is indeed a stunning manaia. Another beautiful pendant! A very special taonga for a loved one.

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Contemporary greenstone manaia pendant. Oh wow… This was our reaction when we received this beautiful pendant. The design… the colouring… and also the feeling of this pendant. So smooth. There is something special about Maori greenstone pendants. If you are looking for something special, you just found it.


Unique one-off freeform manaia with beautiful colouring. We totally LOVE this stunning manaia! It is a very special taonga. Taonga means ‘treasure’ in Maori language. A lovely flower jade pendant that makes a statement. Beautiful shades of green with smokey white colouring. And a touch of orange and yellow

Another unique greenstone pendant by our Maori carver Aden. We’d love to feature more unique pendants by our Maori carver Aden in the future.


A manaia is a spiritual guardian and protects against evil. The manaia also represents balance. Quite often the manaia designs have the head of a bird, body of man and the tail of a fish. They represent the sky, earth and sea. Also, some have three fingers, representing birth, life and death. A fourth finger represents the afterlife. Manaia is one of our favourite Maori designs and can have many different designs.

This manaia is a freeform one. The second photo is the back of the manaia.

In short, a stunning and unique greenstone pendant with a special meaning.

  •  Size contemporary greenstone manaia pendant:
    85mm x 67mm (3.35″x 2.64″)

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