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Beautiful paua Xmas decorations. Set of Three Fairies: flax, frangipani and Chathams fairy. Buy your Coastal fairies here! Great NZ Xmas gifts!

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NZ Xmas fairies. Beautiful NZ paua Xmas decorations. Set of Three ‘Coastal Fairies’. Our artists have taken their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the South Pacific. These fairies are cast in chrome and inlaid with tinted NZ Paua or Mother-of-pearl shell.

  • Flax fairy
  • Frangipani fairy
  • Chathams fairy

Size NZ Xmas fairies: 58mmx42mm (2.28″x1.65″)

These distinctive Pacific / NZ decorations look great anywhere.

The NZ coastal fairies are inlaid with natural or yellow tinted paua, or inlaid with Pacific pearl shell and come boxed as a set of three – all fairies have a silver string, so you can hang the fairies in your tree or on the wall.

Ho ho ho.

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Flax fairy

Flax is called Harakeke by the Maori. Another beautiful native plant to NZ. Tall, with rigid leaves which grow in fans. The Maori use flax for weaving: cloaks, baskets, fish traps and also other tools like ropes. Flax has beautiful orange/red flowers and are frequently visited by our native tui.

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Frangipani fairy

Love frangipani too… lovely yellow flowers… they look so Pacific. The petals have a nice sweet scent and are often floated in a bowl or even a relaxing spa. Popular flower with our NZ’s large Polynesian communities. The frangipani flowers make beautiful lei’s (flower necklaces).

Chathams fairy

The Chatham Island ‘Forget-Me-Not’ has flowers of a beautiful shade of blue. The Chatham Islands are part of New Zealand and it’ll take an hour and a half to get there by plane. Love to visit one day!

Chathams fairy

The magical and unique Chatham Islands sit astride the Roaring Forties, surrounded by the pristine waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean.  The natural beauty and distinctive spiritual energy of the islands are the perfect setting for a holiday full of adventure, discovery and relaxation.

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