Metalbird double tui silhouette


Beautiful metalbird silhouette of the tui. These metalbird silhouettes look fantastic. And they do end up all over the world. We sold one today (21 November) and it’s going to the UK.

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Metalbird double tui silhouette

So cool… A Metalbird double Tui silhouette… Why not have two tui! A metalbird tui pair! These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden. Tui are our favourite birds… Love their iridescent colours.


  • Approx. size metalbird double tui silhouette: 265mmx460mm
    Size box: 340mmx390mmLovely corten steel artwork

About Tui

Tui can be found all over New Zealand. They live in native forests, bush reserves and bush remnants.

We love having tui at our place too. We have a feijoa tree and frangipani tree in our garden and the tui visit these trees on a regular basis. And in winter we have the tui feeder out.

It’s always nice to hear the tui sing. Did you know that tui have two voice boxes? Tui are very easy to recognise with their white ‘poi’ (tuft) under their throat.

What do tui eat

Tui love nectar.

Tui are honey eaters. They are important pollinators of many native trees and plants such as:

  • pohutukawa
  • rata
  • kowhai
  • puriri
  • rewarewa
  • kahikatea
  • rata
  • flax

Source: Department of Conservation

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