Maori taiaha spear


Maori taiaha spear made from tulip wood. Beautiful  traditional Maori artefact.
Tulip wood is hard, durable and insect-resistant hardwood. It is a light-colored hardwood used for wood carving.

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Large Maori taiaha spear – Maori spear from tulip wood.

You can see an ‘upoko’, ‘tauri’ and ‘rau’ in the photos. The pointed end of the taiaha is carved in the shape of a head and is called the ‘upoko’. Below the upoko is a tauri (collar) made of bird feathers. The opposite end of the taiaha has a flat, smooth blade called a ‘rau’, with koru design.

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  • Size: approx. 1500mm (59.05)


Visit our Auckland museum or check out their site to find out more about Maori culture and traditional Maori artefacts >>

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