Wahaika club on stand


Beautiful wahaika club on a stand. This club makes a wonderful presentation piece. Popular artwork for corporate gifts and also as a 21st birthday gift. Or any other special occasion.

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Wahaika club on a stand

Beautiful wahaika club on a stand.

A Wahaika is a type of traditional Māori hand weapon. Wahaika are short club-like weapons usually made of wood or whalebone. They are used for thrusting and striking in close-quarter, hand-to-hand fighting.

Wahaika (club) were used in close hand-to-hand combat to deflect blows. And also to strike the chest, head and wrist.


Many wahaika have a small figure carved on their side called a pūkaiora which represented a tribal war God that would guard over the warrior during battle.

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Size: 50cmx22cmx14cm (19.69″x8.66″x5.51″)

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Weight 2800 g


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