Tui mobile


Tui mobile. How cool is this! It’s like going back in time… Will people pull the string when they see a tui mobile? Well, I did. Love these tui mobiles. Great gift for kids.

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Tui mobile

Tui mobile. Oh wow, this is bringing back memories… We had fun pulling the string… Pull it and tui will fly. Totally LOVE tui… tui are one of my favourite birds…

We visited the Auckland Gift Fair earlier this year. It was such a joy to be there, as the Gift Fair was cancelled last year. And then we had another lockdown earlier this year and the Gift Fair was postponed again, but luckily only for a few weeks.

So… we did go to the Gift Fair when we could. It was just great to catch up with several of our artists, including Ian…

Flying tui

This flying Tui will bring movement, kinetic energy and a sense of calm to your home. Yes, pull that cord to watch tui’s beautifully detailed wings in motion. Hand built in our beautiful Aotearoa – New Zealand from smooth and textured board. These mobiles come flat packed.

This cool mobile is very easy to put together. It only takes a couple of minutes. We took a photo of in our living room. Great gift for kids. This gift will be flat packed in cardboard, so very easy to ship (or take with you in your suitcase – when you can travel around the world again.

Size tui mobile is approx:

  • wingspan 430mm (16.93″), beak to tail 285mm (11.22″)

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The tui is an endemic bird of New Zealand. Did you know that tui have two voice boxes? No wonder they can make these amazing sounds. We love taking photos of the tui in our garden. Our tui feeder gets many visitors and it’s a joy to watch tui and tauhou (silvereye, wax-eyes) visiting the feeder. We can take photos while sitting on our couch.


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