Te mura bone pendant


Te mura bone pendant, bone carving.

‘Te mura’ means ‘the flame’ in Maori language.

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Te mura bone pendant. The flame.

“Let your light so shine,
that they may see your good works”.

Another shape of the hook, encouraging one to be a “light” or a shining example to others. Portraying warmth and love.

The hook resembles ‘Ko Te Hei Matau A Maui’ –  The Fishhook of Maui – our good luck charm giving peace, prosperity, good luck and good health.

If your bone carving has the dots, it is the ripo ripo, reminding you that there will be trials to work through and also represents your posterity (descendants) to pass down your knowledge and experiences.

  • size te mura bone pendant:
    approx. 42mm x 25mm (1.65″x 0.98″)

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