Set nikau ceramic touchstones


Our native palm tree, the nikau tree. Sets of 3 ceramic touchstones. Another cool gift! The nikau tree inspires many artists. It’s indeed a beautiful tree. One two in stock.

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Set nikau ceramic touchstones. These are sets of three ceramics including sturdy packaging, so all set for shipping within our beautiful Aotearoa or overseas.

Lovely ceramic touchstones that make up the nikau tree. They can also hang on the wall. Lovely gifts.

Only two left, blue or blue/green.

Size of the individual nikau ceramic touchstones: 48mmx48mm (1.88″x1.88″)

Nikau tree

The nīkau palm is the southernmost member of the palm family, a group that is usually tropical or sub-tropical. There are over 1,100 palm species around the world, including some of the world’s most useful plants such as the oil palm, banana, coconut, and sago palm. Although a number of palms have been introduced to New Zealand and are planted around our towns and gardens, the nīkau palm is our only native palm species.

A nīkau palm usually grows about 10-15 m tall. It is easy to recognise in the bush with its circular trunk, which is ringed with evenly spaced scars from fallen leaves. The fronds are up to 3 m in length.

source: DOC – more info >>

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Weight 280 g

blue, white, blue green


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