Round ceramic kina decoration


Round ceramic kina wall decoration. Lovely little gifts… The ceramic kina can hang on the wall. Or use the kina tile as a paperweight. Or just place it somewhere as a cool ornament.

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Round ceramic kina decoration.

The kina in this tile is embossed and makes it a lovely tactile little gift. This round ceramic kina decoration has a hole at the back and is ready to hang. Or just use the kina tile as a paperweight or ornament. Buy this cool little gift from us.

Sea urchin – Kina

Kina, the Maori name for the sea urchin or sea egg. Kina or the common sea urchin or sea egg (Evechinus chloroticus) is the best-known species – commercially valuable and considered a delicacy by Māori. Resembling a curled-up green hedgehog, kina has a nearly spherical shell (or test) protecting its internal organs. Projecting from the shell are long and short movable spines and tube feet. Its mouth, on the underside, contains a five-sided limy structure known as Aristotle’s lantern. This acts like a set of jaws and teeth, grinding up food into digestible pellets.

Source: Te Ara >>

Size of the ceramic kina decoration:

Diameter: 6.5cm (2.56″)
Thickness: 1cm (0.39″)

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