Recycled wood with tui


Recycled wood with tui birds. We LOVE tui. And we love having them in our garden. Beautiful song, beautiful feathers.
We must have taken hundreds of tui shots over the years.

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Recycled wood with tui birds. Lovely rustic artwork with our native tui and the yellow kowhai flower. The tui is our favourite bird…Did you know that the Maori language doesn’t have an ‘s’ for plural? So it’s one tui, two tui, three tui…

Other driftwood wall art with the pukeko and kiwi.

Recycled wood with tui. Ready to hang (saw tooth hanger at the back).

The timber has been treated and processed into a finished product and is suitable for export.

  • approx. size: 300mmx90mm (11.81″x3.54″)

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