Poppies photo keyring


Poppies photo keyring. Photo keyrings with photos by Aotearoa.co.nz. We have a very large selection of photos and can organise a lot of different photo keyrings (small or large).

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Poppies photo keyring

We go to the ANZAC Day service in Devonport on the 25th of April every year.

Last year we created quite a few photo keyrings, including one with poppies. And we mentioned in our earlier newsletter (April 30) we would give the first 10 customers a free keyring.

We printed out quite a few poppy photos and can easily make more if you want one.

Size poppies photo keyring:
33mm (1.30″)

And here the first 10 orders at that time:

Metal birds – USA
Fern wall hanger by Aeon – USA
Toki greenstone pendant by Aden – New Zealand
Greenstone manaia pendant by Regent – New Zealand
Azure art print – New Zealand
Metal bird, Fronz seahorse, Fronz cufflinks – USA
Wooden mask – Australia
Metal birds – New Zealand
Greenstone hook pendant – New Zealand
Fern trophy, framed twist carving – UK
Greenstone toki – New Zealand

OK, that’s 11 orders…

We can also create larger ones upon request (see gallery). Cost for a large one is NZ$10.
Size: 5cm (1.97″).

Or have a look at our framed Rangitoto sunrise >>



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