Paua wine charms


Paua wine charms with paua shell and/or mother-of-pearl shell. Lovely colourful charms with lovely colours, hearts, or kiwi icons. Cool paua gifts!

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Paua wine charms. As we all know, life is not black and white. So, isn’t it great that our artists from iNZspired have created these lovely paua gifts in the colours of the rainbow? We love it!

Let’s celebrate our diversity! And happy hour.

Available sets:

  • paua rainbow colours
  • paua rainbow colours with silver hearts !!! please note this set is now in pastel colours, see photo.
  • paua with NZ icons in mother-of-pearl – kiwi, koru, NZ fern, twist and dolphin
  • mother of pearl shell with NZ icons in paua – kiwi, koru, NZ fern, twist and dolphin
    Diameter of the wine charms: 20mm (0.79″)

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Facts about paua

Appearance: Roughly oval shaped shell, with a row of several holes used for breathing and reproduction. New Zealand’s paua, (known as abalone in other countries). Paua are all unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand. They are distinguished by their brilliantly coloured shells. Paua have an oval shaped shell, inside which is a large muscular foot which clings to rocks. They have a pair of eyes, a mouth and tentacles, and breathe through gills which are near their mouth under a row of pores in the shell.

Size: Up to 180mm in length for the black-foot, usually 10-140mm; yellow-foot up to 110mm, and the whitefoot up to 80mm.

Colour: The inside of the shell is multicoloured with blue and green hues predominant in the black-foot; flesh is white with a black covering.

Food: Seaweed.

Habitat: Sub-tidal, rocky coastline.

Predators: Crabs, lobsters, octopuses, starfish and fish.

Availability for fishing: More abundant in the lower North Island and the South Island, where it is colder; available all year round.

Source: The Paua Industry Council >>


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Weight 40 g

rainbow colours, rainbow colours with hearts, paua with kiwi icons, mother-of-pearl with kiwi icons


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