Pacific Frigate wall art


Pacific Frigates wall art. Available in 3 different sizes. They look great in this formation. Buy this set and receive a small discount.

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Pacific Frigate wall art. Fly, fly, fly away…

A box of birds just flew in a few weeks ago, including these Pacific frigates. Another great design by Ian Blackwell.

About the birds:

Frigate birds are distinctive tropical seabirds that occasionally reach New Zealand, usually associated with tropical weather systems. There are five species worldwide. All are large, black-and-white, with long angular wings, deeply forked tails, and long, hooked bills. As their name suggests, they are aerial pirates, often robbing other seabirds of their food during spectacular aerial manoeuvres. The great frigatebird is the larger of the two species that reach New Zealand. Adult males are completely black, whereas females, immature birds, and all plumages of the lesser frigatebird have some white on the underparts.

Source: NZ Birds Online >>

Pacific frigate wall art sizes:

  • small: 183mmx146mm
  • medium: 250mmx190mm
  • large: 275mmx215mm

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small, medium, large, set of 3


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