Metalbird fantail silhouette


Beautiful metalbird silhouette of the fantail. This metalbird silhouettes looks so beautiful. And they do end up all over New Zealand and all over the world.

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Metalbird fantail silhouette

Another cool metalbird, the fantail… A Metalbird fantail silhouette…  The Maori call these birds ‘piwakawaka’. These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden.


  • Approx. size metal bird fantail silhouette: size: 27.5cm x 21.5cm
    Size box: 310mmx210mm

    Another wonderful corten steel artwork

About Fantail – Piwakawaka

Fantails are gorgeous little birds. They use their broad tails to change direction quickly while hunting for insects. It’s quite a challenge to take a photo of a piwakawaka as they move very fast. But so wonderful when you do catch them with their tail fanned out.

What do Fantail – Piwakawaka eat

Fantails use three methods to catch insects:

  • Hawking: Used where vegetation is open and the birds can see for long distances. Fantails use a perch to spot swarms of insects and then fly at the prey, snapping several insects at a time.
  • Flushing: Used in denser vegetation is called flushing. The fantail flies around to disturb insects, flushing them out before eating them.
  • Feeding associations: the fantail follows another animal and also people, to capture insects disturbed by their movements. Fantails frequently follow silvereyes, whiteheads, parakeets and saddlebacks.

Source: Department of Conservation

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