Metalbird fantail plant stake


Metalbird fantail plant stake. So cool… For indoors, for outdoors. This is truly a great gift that will be loved and talked about. Get your fantail plant stake here!

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Metalbird fantail plant stake

Another cool metalbird gift, a metalbird fantail plant stake… For inside. For outside. Such a cool gift for lovers of gardening, indoor plants, outdoor plants, birds, nature…

The Maori call these birds ‘piwakawaka’. These stunning outdoor metal artworks look great in any garden. And the plant stakes look great indoors as well.


  • Approx. size metal bird fantail plant stake:
  • size: 70cm x 35cm (2.76″x1.38″)
  • Size box: 310mmx210mmx10mm (12.20″x8.27″x38″)

Another wonderful corten steel artwork for either indoors or outdoors. Looks great with indoor plants and outdoor plants.

About Fantail – Piwakawaka

Fantails are gorgeous little birds. They use their broad tails to change direction quickly while hunting for insects. It’s quite a challenge to take a photo of a piwakawaka as they move very fast. But so wonderful when you do catch them with their tail fanned out.

What do Fantail – Piwakawaka eat

Fantails use three methods to catch insects:

  • Hawking: Used where vegetation is open and the birds can see for long distances. Fantails use a perch to spot swarms of insects and then fly at the prey, snapping several insects at a time.
  • Flushing: Used in denser vegetation is called flushing. The fantail flies around to disturb insects, flushing them out before eating them.
  • Feeding associations: the fantail follows another animal and also people, to capture insects disturbed by their movements. Fantails frequently follow silver eyes, whiteheads, parakeets and saddlebacks.

Source: Department of Conservation

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