Metalbird baby ruru silhouette


Beautiful metalbird silhouette of a baby ruru. Another cool metalbird silhouette. And they do end up all over New Zealand and all over the world.

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Metalbird baby ruru silhouette

Another cool baby metalbird, the ruru… A very cool Metalbird ruru silhouette…  This cool outdoor metal artwork will also look great in your garden.


  • Size metal bird baby ruru silhouette: size: 13.5cm x 10.5cm (0.53″x0.41″)

Another wonderful corten steel artwork

About Ruru – Morepork

The ruru is a native bird of New Zealand and can be found in forests throughout mainland New Zealand and offshore islands.

Often heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night, the morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae) is known for its haunting, melancholic call. Its Māori name, ruru, reflects this call.

Morepork are speckled brown with yellow eyes set in a dark facial mask. They have a short tail.
Females are bigger than the males. Head to tail they measure around 29 cm and the average weight is about 175 g.
They have acute hearing and are sensitive to light. They can turn their head through 270 degrees.

More about ruru

Morepork are nocturnal, hunting at night for large invertebrates including beetles, weta, moths and spiders. Ruru will also take small birds, rats and mice.

They fly silently as they have soft fringes on the edge of the wing feathers. They catch prey using large sharp talons or beak.

By day they roost in the cavities of trees or in thick vegetation. If they are visible during the day they can get mobbed by other birds and are forced to move.

Source: Department of Conservation

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