Maori moko mask


Maori moko mask created by our Maori wood carver. This is a solid mask with closed eyes. Carved from native NZ wood. MADE TO ORDER. Authentic Maori art.



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Maori moko mask with closed eyes; solid mask.

Description: Guardian, protector mask, with Moko (tattoo) of a warrior chief with description. Authentic Maori art from one of New Zealand’s top wood carvers!

Type of wood: Our carver uses native NZ wood (rimu, matai, totara or kauri).

Carving materials and techniques

The trees used to provide wood for whakairo (carving) represented Tāne, the god of the forest, and carving timber was sometimes referred to as the embodiment of Tāne. Special rituals were required to fell trees such as tōtara for carving. Once transformed into poupou (carved posts), the timbers took on the properties of the chiefs and other figures they represented. The pāua-shell used in the eyes of the figures came from the sea, the source of carving knowledge. The red ochre used to colour completed carvings was also worn as a personal decoration by high-born men and women, since red was the colour of high rank.

Source: Brett Graham, ‘Whakairo – Māori carving – Carving materials and techniques’, Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand >>

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