Maori glass mere (wahaika), shiny finish


Maori glass mere (Maori club). Only a few left in stock.
Our artists stopped making their beautiful glass art.

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Maori glass mere (wahaika – club). This cast crystal piece represents a Maori weapon called a ‘wahaika’. This weapon was used by Maori warriors were a quick in-fighting action required thrusting jabs.

They were made mostly of bone, stone, wood and greenstone.

Contemporary New Zealand glass art by one of our top New Zealand glass artists from Northland, New Zealand.

These Maori glass mere are available in shiny finish in the following colours:

  • black glass mere
  • jade glass mere – no longer available
  • amber glass mere
  • cobalt glass mere

Size mere (wahaika club)

  • 140mmx60mmx15mm (5.51″x2.36″x0.59″)

Additional information

Weight 340 g

black, amber, jade, cobalt


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