Maori carvings on a stand


Small Maori carvings on a stand, crafted from Kauri wood (native NZ tree). Tane Mahuta would be the most famous kauri tree in NZ! There is a description of the carvings underneath the stand. Need boxes for your carving(s) on a stand? Black boxes here >>

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Beautiful freestanding Maori carvings on a stand carved from New Zealand kauri trees (est. 40,000 years old). All carvings come with paua inlayed eyes (or another paua inlay). They are mounted on a black oval base in a range of Maori figures. Authentic Maori art created by Mike and his team. Very popular gifts. We just LOVE the touch of paua!

Available Maori designs:

  • twist (double twist)
  • wheku
  • matau (fishhook)
  • manaia
  • tiki
  • koru

Size small Maori carvings on a stand:

  • 65mm (2.56″)

Need a cool black box for these carvings? Black boxes here >>

The meaning of Maori carvings

Double twist, Miro Porowhita (twisted ring)

Comprising a seamless ring twisted to form two or more adjoining circles. Miro Porowhita is said to represent the circle of life which has no beginning or end and as such is regarded as the symbol of eternity. Also friendship and the joining of lives for eternity.

Wheku – carved face

It is important to note that the figures in Maori carving, with rare exceptions, are not religious, but secular. They do not represent idols, but renowned tipuna (ancestors) of the iwi (tribe).

Matau – fishhook

The matau represents strength, prosperity, abundance, fertility and respect for the sea. It is regarded as a symbol of power and authority bringing good luck and safety when traveling, especially over water.

Manaia  – spiritual guardian

Manaia are important to Maori. During life they are protectors from evil and accident. At death they guide the spirit of the departed home to their ancestors. The manaia is said to protect one from evil. A spiritual guardian.

Koru  – new beginnings

The koru design represents new beginnings, new life, growth, harmony. A koru is an unfurling of a silver fern frond.

Tiki – first man

The origins of tiki are uncertain but throughout Maoridom he is acknowledged as the first man and that he came from the stars. The bearer of this symbol is said to possess great knowledge and strength of character. These small Maori carvings on a stand are a popular gift, also for conferences.

Our most famous kauri tree in New Zealand is the Tane Mahuta. Popular walk to this amazing kauri tree >>

Our artist also creates beautiful large carvings on a stand with paua inlay. These are very popular for 21st birthdays and other special occasions.


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double twist, wheku, fishhook, manaia, tiki, koru


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