Kotare wall art


Kotare wall art. Available in 3 different sizes. I love these birds too, love the colours. And they are great divers… Buy this set and receive a small discount.

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Kotare wall art. Our beautiful kingfisher…

A box of birds just flew in a few weeks ago, including this kotare. A kotare is a kingfisher. These birds are on my list to shoot, as in with my camera. Love these birds… the colours… the diving skills… And yes, another great design by Ian Blackwell.

About the birds:

The sacred kingfisher is one of the best known birds in New Zealand due to the iconic photographs published over many years by Geoff Moon. These early images showed in detail the prey, the foraging skills and the development of chicks in the nest and as fledgings. Equally recognisable is the hunched silhouette waiting patiently on a powerline or other elevated perch over an estuary or mudflat which converts in a flash to a streak of green diving steeply to catch a prey item.

Kingfishers are found widely in New Zealand in a wide range of habitats: the key ingredients are elevated observation posts to hunt from, banks or suitable standing trees to excavate nests in, and open or semi-open habitats which support a range of prey items.

Source: NZ Birds Online >>

We also have quite a few kotare in Devonport.


Kotare wall art sizes:

  • small:124mm x 81mm
  • medium: 158mmx88mm
  • large: 193mmx103mm

Or check out our framed kotare; photo taken in Kati Kati, Bay of Plenty >>


Do you want a bit more info about our kotare, kingfishers? Check out NZ Birds Online >>



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Weight 220 g

small, medium, large, set of 3


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