Kiwi bone carving pendant


Kiwi bone carvings. The kiwi, our New Zealand national bird.

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Kiwi bone carving pendant.

The kiwi is our native New Zealand flightless bird.

The Maori call the kiwi “Te Manuhuna a Tanemahuta”, the Hidden Bird of Tane, Guardian of the forest.

There are 3 species of kiwis, the brown kiwi, the little spotted kiwi and the great spotted kiwi. The brown kiwi is further divided in 3 sub-species.

The kiwi is flightless, it’s got hair-like feathers, and it burrows in the ground… and it’s endangered. The Department of Conservation, Kiwi Houses, Zoos and others work hard to save our kiwi birds…

  • size: approx. 25mm x 40mm (0.98″x 1.57″)

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