Huge manaia wall hanger


Huge manaia wall hanger. Beautiful manaia wall art. It’s the largest wall hanger we have available. We love this manaia design. These contemporary Maori artworks make a great gift for any special occasion. In the photo you can see the large manaia on the left and the huge manaia on the right.

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Huge manaia wall hanger. This is a beautiful contemporary Maori artwork. It portrays the typical serpentine form of ‘Te Manaia’. The artwork is crafted from plantation grown hardwood and embellished with NZ paua (abalone) shell.

  • size huge manaia wall hanger:
    530mmx270mm (20.87″x10.63″)

The meaning of Te Manaia

Manaia  – spiritual guardian. The manaia is a guardian spirit (a supernatural being) and plays an important role in the Maori world. According to the Maori every person on Earth has a Guardian Spirit which can be described as an unseen light surrounding each individual.

During life this guardian is a protector from evil and untimely accident. And at death the guardian guides the spirit of the departed person safely to a spiritual doorway where it is re-united with the ancestors from the ancient homeland of Hawaiki.

Te Manaia (the manaia) are usually depicted in side profile, symbolising their role as messengers (ie. part in the spirit world and part in the earthly world).

They normally have the head of a bird (sky) the body of a man (earth) and the tail of a fish (sea) symbolic of the balance they have between the realms. The three fingers and toes have varied tribal meanings.

To some they represent birth, life and death.

To others they represent the three baskets of knowledge.

And yet to others faith, hope and love. Sometimes Te Manaia is depicted with a fourth finger, symbolising the afterlife.

Source: Mike Calton – Maori artist

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