Heru Maori hair comb, 4 pin


Heru Maori hair comb. Contemporary Maori gifts. Ornamental Maori comb (heru), 4 pin. With koru and paua inlay. Paua is a NZ shell (abalone) with beautiful colours.

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Heru Maori hair comb.

Each heru (Maori comb) features a shapely rimu veneerboard body with head portion decorated both sides with contemporary Maori artwork. These beautiful Maori hair combs with koru boast super fine details and are embellished with paua inlay. The koru represents new life, new beginnings, growth, movement.

This heru is a 4 pin hair comb with koru design. These were traditionally worn by the Maori men to fasten their long hair into topknots. The heru were also decorated with bird feathers (huia bird feathers). The Heru also indicated the rank of the wearer. Heru were made from wood or bone.

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