Fantail wall art


Fantail (piwakawaka) wall art. Our own cute little NZ native bird. Little bird with paua shell and Mother-of-Pearl shell. Beautiful colours.
Unfortunately no longer available.

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Fantail wall art. Unfortunately no longer available.

This lovely wall hanger is created with beautiful paua shell and mother-of-pearl shell. We love fantails! Gorgeous little birds! The Maori name for fantail is piwakawaka.

These lovely fantails (Rhipidura Rhipiduradae – can you pronounce this?) are found in Australasia. They are expert hunters of insects while flying. They are aerobatic acrobats! It is such a joy to watch these little birds in the air.

The little birds have tapered wings and they are highly efficient at catching insects. The long tail when spread in display or aerial foraging, has a characteristic fan shape.

White Mother of Pearl shells (Pinctada Maxima Oyster) are cultured on farms in the crystal clear turquoise seas of Northern Australia. And the beautiful and colourful paua shell is from our own Aotearoa – New Zealand!

  • approx. size fantail: 12.5cmx12.5cm (4.92″x4.92″)
  • approx. diameter fantail wall art: 15.5cm (6.10″)

Piwakawaka – fantail

The fantail is one of the few native bird species in New Zealand that has been able to adapt to an environment greatly altered by humans. Originally a bird of open native forests and scrub, it is now also found in exotic plantation forests, in orchards and in gardens. At times, fantails may appear far from any large stands of shrubs or trees.

Source: Department of Conservation >>

We visit Katikati on a regular basis and walk through the kiwifruit orchards and avocado orchards. Quite often the little fantails fly around us and stay very close.  Always a joy to see them flying around. They use their tail to change direction quickly and I really love taking shots of fantails in flight >>

Cats, rats, stoats and mynas are as great an enemy to fantails as they are to other native birds. Of all the eggs and chicks fantails produce, only a few survive and grow up.

Did you know that a chick is fed every 10 minutes?

We also have lovely glass fantails in 4 different colours >>


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