Coin cufflinks: Ten cent


Cufflinks, ten cent coins. We love this design! Lovely gift for the man in your life.

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Coin cufflinks: Ten cent

A lovely pair of NZ ten cent coin cufflinks, carefully domed and soldered tight to silver-plated cufflink backs.  These arrive in a stylish faux leather cufflink box.  NZ ten cent coins are approx. 22mm in diameter. The coins feature a Maori carved mask.

Please note all of our Re-minted jewellery contains genuine, recycled coins, not castings.

  • Size: diameter 22mm (0.87″)

Image description and significance

The front of the 10 cent coin features a Māori carved mask, or koruru with Māori rafter patterns.

Koruru feature particularly strongly at the apex of the gable of a large carved house that was symbolic of the face of an important Māori ancestor from that part of the country. This particular koruru was designed by Mr James Berry specifically for use on New Zealand currency and is representative of designs from various regions.

Source: © Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Koruru mask

A popular wooden mask by our wood carver Jason: koruru mask >>

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